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"Ecco homo" by Mihály Munkácsy

"Ecco homo"  Everything is in these two words. Did Pilate, to say this,  think about himself too ? About the crowd ? Us ?


Be so, how you see yourself. But...who does ask himself about it? Lucky men propably no. But if you started ask you can not finish.

The discovery of America happened also because Europe has received from the East, from the Arab  and Hebrew world, maps, letters and other writings of the ancient world. We can say that the Renaissance has brought the informations of Antiquity.  The conclusion is simple: the ancient world knew a lots. We discover  many issues and events what was knowning in prehistoric times.

Yesterday is gone, and tomorrow is not yet. It is only today, but we do not know what this "today" is. So, more or less, St. Augustine describes it. He adds that if the past is gone and the future is not yet, the human spirit is mainly memory.

The hero of film "Weather for Tomorrow" says that life experience is not important, but what we remember. We can say that memory has a powerful influence on our "today". It does not have to be done consciously. Forget ... that's the point!

The film "Titanic" shows a sunken wreck and its appearance before sinking. But not only. One scene shows Rose's eye. In a few seconds, the 17-year-old's eye moves from a 17-year-old to an older lady. The eye looks the same, but, as the mirror of the soul, expresses the past that remained in it. This scene reminds me that in life "everything is recorded". If so, there is important for the quality of our "today", what can be seen in our eyes...

The soul is like a hard drive. Disk that has a Constructor and unique software. This software was once virulent and the virus is transmitted sexually. In other ways we can not explain the disk disorder. That is why everyone needs an Antivirus...

Methods of dating. Could we be sure they? If yes, to what time ? In my opinion, only to era of completely different atmospheric, climatic, geologic conditions. For example, why is the Grand Canyon still dated as younger than earlier dating.

 Did we be here earlier ?

  geo questions

Titicaca   Maps 

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Wiracocha  Atlantis 

  "Pleio" = " to sail"/"to navigate" 

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Archimedes tsunami and ... Zorba

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12.10. 1492 Columbus Day. Not all celebrate this day, because whites - especially in North America - are not very well remembered. However civilizations had to meet. Travel stories, not only ChristoFerens Colon (Columbus), indicate that once, centuries ago, the American continent was already visited. We can find this information in the local legends and stone objects. Traces are at least 3: Irish monks, Vikings and Phoenicians ....Interestingly, The Phoenicians, like the Cretans, the Etruscans, the Troyans, Basks and Egyptians were called redskins ...! Even 1000 years BC Mayan historian, Votan wrote that visited Tripoli and propably Jerusalem. So who's who discovered or visited? :)

Very long years of life in Gen 5. Metaphor ? Maybe not.

They lived several hundred years ... some 900, others 700 or 800. Enoch was taken earlier ...
I think that before the Flood was a different composition of the atmosphere. And that was probably a good conditions for life and health. The cataclysm of the Deluge is perhaps not only the lands under water, but also ... millions of tons of volcanic gases in the atmosphere, etc.
There are many "documentary" programs on this topic, but most of them say that those cataclysms could be only millions or hundreds of thousands years ago.
I do not know if it is right. View Wikipedia, read about errors in dating rocks age. Imagine another scenario of events.
The outbreak of the Krakatau volcano ( the end of the 19th century ) made on the Earth darker and cooler for 2 years It was almost yesterday...

In any case, biblical description says that on the Earth after the flood was systematic shortening of life. Size of life too ?
IIs that just a matter of oxygen, atmospheric composition etc...?
I do not know. I was not there then.

Today, almost 1 million Mexicans speak nahuATL.
The hero of their ancient beliefs was QuetzalcoATL.
In Marocco there are ATLas mountains.
The ocean between America and Europe/Africa is the ATLantic.
It can not be hidden, the word ATL is survived to this day.
It means "water" and leads us to a land once called ATLantis...

The Aztecs said that their ancestors came from the land of Aztlan...The word "Atlas" in Italian means..."Italus.".

The "myth" of ATLantis never goes away from us. In some collective memory of humanity's DNA is back in the new times. This "myth" is still close to us. Conclusion ? If even one day someone finds Atlantis, the most important lesson is still the cause of the fall of that world.

... everyone is afraid


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