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Air. What is this ?
A mixture of gases. About 78% of nitrogen, about 21% of oxygen and 1% of others.
Some say that before the flood, the amount of oxygen in the air was 30-32%. Such is the air enclosed in amber. That may explain the giantism of that world. But it's a matter for another story. Let's stay today.

We inhale about 6 tons of air per year. About 15 kg per day. About 25,000 breaths a day. Without breath, without oxygen we do not live. Oxygen goes to the blood, and blood transports oxygen to the whole body.

What about nitrogen? That's almost 80% of our breaths.
Nitrogen is supposedly neutral but has influence on the fluids in our brains. Nitrogen under pressure can make hallucinations, headaches, euphoria, talkiness and even loss of consciousness. Big winds can change human behavior. Sometimes tragic... (suicides)

Air, pressure, wind, atmosphere. We remember them when they blow or heat. We are part of nature anyway. But even if we know much about the weather, we can not forget the word: respect.
Respect for weather forces and processes.
Respect for air, because... "something is in the air."

soul of the eastsoul of the east

    Researchers say about 4 types of hominids, unlinked to each other. Svante Pääbo, author of the Neanderthal DNA sequencing in 2010, said that the Neanderthal is the same as us. The newest "ancestors" from the Denisov cave and Homo Hablilis do not fit to  the other hominids.
    The simplest way to "find" a missing link is ... the use of time. It is said that the "not-yet-man" lived millions of years ago. And "no-just-man" evolves for millions of years.  I only ask:  where are the "today" examples, here and now? There are not. "Missing link" is still missing...

    The natural diversity of the Galapagos Islands was fascinated by Charles Darwin. The differences between birds or turtles on the various islands of this archipelago get him to a revolutionary thesis that the changes within a species are evidences of a general theory of interspecific change.

    Birds with different beaks still are birds, turtles with different necks still remain turtles. Fruit flies, a favorite subject of genetic research, change colors and "hairstyles" but still are fruit flies.
    There are no "intersex" animals. There are no cat-dog, cow-horse, etc. It maybe "brutal" examples but it is necessary to show that changes within a species can be quantitative rather than qualitative.
    Inuit and Pygmy are different, but they are human, they can have offspring, also humans.  Simple ? In the USSR "scientifics" tried to inseminate women with the semen of the monkeys. Ohrid, disgusting "scientific" pigs... did not show results because they were not.
    Goat-sheep "Dolly" or mule, specific genetic types, are... infertile. If Darwin's observations from the Galapagos are understood as Darwinists suggest, evolution would lead to ... regression and even extinction of the species.
    So ? Changes within the species do not change the species. Evolution in species ? Yes. Evolution inter species ? No.

Life had and has a Creator. It is so simple and so difficult...

Tony de LucaTony de Luca

500 years ago two worlds met. It was not a meeting of "good" with "bad". Every culture has its blanks and shadows. Like a human. The meeting of civilizations 500 years ago is very important. We can see in this event echoes even older meetings. And the ancient similarities lead us to an even older, global world. We know this, or rather we feel ... Who knows, we probably have it in ourselves ... Because we are not from nowhere.

"Cavemen." Who were they?
Do we rightly call them so?
What did them lead to the caves?
How could they or their ancestors look before?
Similarly like us ?

Stupid questions ?


"We know more about the brain, we notice more the differences - brain events and mental phenomena - and we can see wonderful of both. Promisory materialism is the religious belief of dogmatic materialists ... who often confuse their religion with science."

J.Eccles, D.N.Robinson
"The Wonder of Being Human"

Today, almost 1 million Mexicans speak nahuATL.
The hero of their ancient beliefs was QuetzalcoATL.
In Marocco there are ATLas mountains.
The ocean between America and Europe/Africa is the ATLantic.
It can not be hidden, the word ATL is survived to this day.
It means "water" and leads us to a land once called ATLantis...

The Aztecs said that their ancestors came from the land of Aztlan...The word "Atlas" in Italian means..."Italus.".

The "myth" of ATLantis never goes away from us. In some collective memory of humanity's DNA is back in the new times.

This "myth" is still close to us.

Conclusion ? If even one day someone finds Atlantis, the most important lesson is still the cause of the fall of that world.

Methods of dating. Could we be sure they? If yes, to what time ? In my opinion, only to era of completely different atmospheric, climatic, geologic conditions. For example, why is the Grand Canyon still dated as younger than earlier dating.
These are not silly questions, because true science allows unacceptable. Otherwise, it is only a collection of dogmas, almost religion.

12.10. 1492 Columbus Day. Not all celebrate this day, because whites are not very well remembered. However civilizations had to meet. Travel stories, not only of Christopher Colon (Columbus), indicate that once, centuries ago, the American continent was already visited. We can find this information in the local legends and stone objects. Hypothesis: Irish monks, Vikings and Phoenicians ...
The Phoenicians, like the Cretans, the Etruscans, Troyans, Basks and Egyptians were called redskins ...
Even 1000 years BC Mayan historian, Votan wrote that he visited Tripoli and propably... Jerusalem. It is possible. Then Phoenician ships visited Ofir. Amazons Indians say this port was in the delta of the "great river". Amazon ? Portuguese sailors discovered phoenician inscriptions in the amazon jungle. So who's who discovered or visited?

The Phoenicians called themselves:
Bani Kan'an - "children of Canaan"
They knew the script, soap and ... money.
Canaan is the grandson of Noah.
So...everything is correct...
Genesis 10.32

Meetings in new lands.  Look at the chronicles.  What do they tell us ?

Why did the American and other peoples repeat that they were waiting for someone ?

Anasazi - so conventionally called the culture of the ancient Pueblo people in North America. "Anasazi" means: "People who lived before us" This quite conventional phrase, however, contains a lot of message. So we can call any culture "living before us". However, ancient American cultures have similarities with other cultures in the world.
Their mythical founders are often ... white bearded men ...
Dated at 3 113 years BC. The Maya calendar's start (4 Ahau 8 Cumhu) shows a similarity with the Hebrew dating of the events of the Flood ...
Before the Aztecs lived here Maya, and before them the so-called. Toltec / Olmecs. Who were they?

Photo: Chaco Canyon Pueblo Bonito

Ptolemeo's map "Germania Magna"
"Germanus" means "Brother." "Magna" - "great".
It was nice latin name. We are family.